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Sixth-Grade Worksheets

Sixth-Grade Skills

Solves equations with negative numbers.

Understands the concepts of mean, median, variability, and range.

Plans, revises, and edits writing.

Determines a central theme, summarizes, and makes inferences about text.

Sixth-Grade Worksheets

This small but growing selection of sixth-grade worksheets are meant to supplement the work your child is already doing in school.

This year students may be required to take notes and participate in group discussions about a variety of topics. They will be required to write extensively and will edit and revise their own work and possibly the work of their peers.

Sixth graders will explore statistics, ratio, and negative numbers. They will solve a variety of problems involving area, perimeter, volume, ratio, and percentages.

Sixth-Grade Language Arts Worksheets

Analogies Worksheet. Item 3002

Analogies: Worksheet 2 - Choose the best word to complete each analogy.

Analogies: Worksheet 3 - Write the word that completes each analogy.

Synonym Sleuth - Identify synonyms for given word and use in a sentence.

Blues and Folk Music Workshop - Students will utilize reading, math, and thinking skills when they read the promotional flyer and answer the questions. This three-page worksheet is appropriate for sixth grade and as a life skills activity for special needs students of all ages.

Sixth-Grade Math Worksheets

Multiplication and Division

Multiplication Practice Worksheet. Item 4581

Multiplication Practice: Worksheet 19 - Students will practice multiplying 3 and 4-digit numbers by a 3-digit number.

Halloween Multiplication - Can your students solve these horizontal multiplication problems?

Sharpen Your Skills: Worksheet 7 - Students will multiply decimals by 10, 100, and 1000.

Dividing Decimals - This worksheet provides practice dividing decimals.


Estimating Products of Mixed Numbers Worksheet. Item 3405

Estimating Products of Mixed Numbers - Students will round each factor to the nearest whole number and multiply the whole numbers.

Multiplying by a Fraction - Students will practice multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by a fraction.

Sharpen Your Skills: Worksheet 6 - Students gain valuable practice multiplying and dividing fractions.

Fraction Review: Worksheet 1 - This fraction review worksheet provides students the opportunity to reduce fractions to lowest terms, convert mixed numbers to improper fractions, and convert improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Sharpen Your Skills: Worksheet 10 - This fraction review worksheet for 5th and 6th grade instructs students to reduce fractions to lowest terms, change mixed numbers to improper fractions, and change improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Reduce Improper Fractions - Students will reduce each improper fraction to its lowest terms.


Finding Percentages Worksheet 6a - This sixth grade math worksheet requires students to find the percentage and show their work.


Pre-Algebra Worksheet. Item 4573

Evaluating Expressions: Riddle 1 - "What athlete always gives refunds?" Your students will substitute numbers for variables then use the answers to solve this riddle.

Alien Algebra: Worksheet 2 - Students will solve the equations and color the spaces in which the answer contains a number 6 to help the alien get to the spaceship.

Addition Equations: Worksheet 1 - Students will solve to find the value of X with sums to 10.

Addition Equations Worksheet 2 - Practice solving single-digit addition equations.

Addition Equations Worksheet 3 - This worksheets provides examples of the process of adding equations.

Addition Equations Worksheet 4 - Students will learn to solve addition equations.

Mixed Operations

Sharpen Your Skills Worksheet 2 - This worksheet provides your students with practice multiplying and adding, whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Bicycle Math - Students will use multiplication and division to solve these life skills word problems. Calculator math worksheet.

Bicycle Metric Math - Students will use a calculator to solve these metric word problems.

Twenty-four sixth-grade math worksheets.
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