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We are a group of 105 artisans from the ethnic group of Omotí del Valle del Mezquital in the state of Hidalgo. Besides spanish, our mother tongue is Nha Nhu (nia-niu).

Our craft
We work a natural fiber known as “ixtle”, obtained from a plant known as maguey native of the central part of Mexico.

Ixtle´s advantages
Ixtle is a hundred per cent natural fiber. The articles made with this material give a sensation of simplicity and express respect towards the environment by those who use them.

This is an ideal fiber when used as an exfoliating item in the daily bath because it doesn´t harm the skin due to it´s softness in comparisson with other natural fibers used for the same purpose such as “henequen”. It is eco friendly opposite to buffers made from synthetic materials.

Maintaining the quality of Ixtle´s products
Ixtle tends to shrink and degrade with time due to its natural manufacturing process which doesn´t alter its physical qualities.

Special care recommendations are specified for each item to keep their quality.
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