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Last year for several months, work was done to standarize the characteristics of the handcrafts manufactured, obtaining an homogeneous production that comply with comercial commitments in time and form.

Along with this, we developed with Dertrac ( a software program which allows us to distribute the products we manufacture, gives us the due dates, prime costs of our production, determines the investment money needed and checks the quality of the products for sale. The software is installed on a computer and is in charge of one of our associates. This gives us clarity on how much we sell, how much work is done, and how much each one of us earns.

Concerning the comercialization, we are convinced in our alliance with Arte Ixtle a professional service which charges a percentage for piece, who is been monitored by Dertrac. Arte Ixtles´ incomes are related directly with our sales, and at the same time helps us pay our taxes generated from our production and comercial processes and to acquire materials at low costs allowing us to achieve a high productive efficiency level.

All these added gives us an income that helps us acquire more food, school items, home improvements, etc.
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